Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the end of winter

I grew up in the great Northwest, in the desert of SE Washington....specifically The TriCities. Winters for me were cold and dry. We only got snow every couple of years and 2" of snow would have been huge. The land looked tawny in color but there were about 280 days of sun per year.

I have lived in NE Ohio for 38 years now and have come to appreciate the beauty like the picture to the left. We had a winter that was harsh...very cold, particularly working long hours in the mill which is all steel/metal which retains more of the cold. Last week we had the February Thaw. The top of the snow was melted and showed the ugly underside...the black snow. But within a few days, even it was gone. We actually believed or hoped the groundhog was correct, that spring was on its way. However, the next winter storm hit us on Sunday night (specifically as we were on our way for a meeting held in the Historic Kirtland Temple). Icy snow fell...and then icy rain. All over our fair land was the glimmer and shimmer of ice. This morning as I sat at the kitchen table, indexing, I looked out the window and saw the breathtaking shimmer of sun on the ice. I grabbed a camera to take a picture as I also went out to give more corn to the squirrels in our neighborhood. My friend Ken made us this corn feeder and we have enjoyed watching the squirrels come to feed. But more fun is watching our Niko go nuts to get out at the squirrel...and then watch the squirrel overhead in the tree, looking down teasing the dog.

I don't hate it here...I have learned to endure it and enjoy the changes. Yes, there was more sun in the TriCities but today, we have wonderful sun. And I will enjoy this. Because I know, deep down, that spring is really just around a few corners.