Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rings n Things

Last night I was romantically remembering the first time Susan cuddled up under my arm and she remembered it as well, even to the coat I was wearing (tan corduroy winter one). I was living at Deseret Towers back then, before mission, and played on the floor's flag football intramurals. It was a cold day, not exactly raining but not really bright. While I played the games, Susan walked to town and came back to discover we had lost a tournament game. She was consoling me and I loved being able to put my arms around her as we walked back to the dorm, accompanied by Neil Henry, another floormate.

Susan surprised me that day with a leather for her and one for me.
Her's is the one on the left, in much better condition than my much loved, Velveteen Rabbit one on the right. Since then Susan has bought me all my rings....which basically I don't wear...except for one.
Here are my rings all lined up.
From the left...a silver ring Susan made for me in the lab at BYU using the disappearing Wax method. She melted down real silver quarters, etched in the Hebrew which I can't remember what it said and gave it to me before I left for my mission.

Next is my wedding band, more of an oval now rather than a circle since my job doesn't allow rings and so I have seldom worn it. I must have worn it more at the first because I know we took it in to have the rather Aztecian dodads re-colored.

The 3rd ring is a ring Susan had all her family contribute to when I graduated from BYU. Again...not worn and I AM A COUGAR! and happy to say so. I AM true to my school altho Susan is not.

The next ring is a very special ring. It was a ring Susan's father, Henry S. Czekala, gave to her grandfather, Richard James Holman. It is engraved on the inside with HSC to RJH. Certainly, it fits my initials and keeps the bond between her father, grandfather and me. Currently the ring resides in Susan's jewelry box cuz, again, I seldom wore it.

The next ring is still kept in the box. I got that ring for working at the mill for 25 years, specifically USS KOBE at the time of the ring. Diamond, no less...but not treasured at all.

And finally, the my favorite ring of all time is the one on the right. I saw that ring when Susan and I went to the Virgin Islands last summer. And I knew right off that this was a ring that I would wear often, and do.

I love to give Susan rings when we visit special places, or as a surprise, or for no reason at all. She wears them all at one time or another. Rings...interesting things, aren't they?


  1. Love the leather ones. You guys are really hip!

  2. Wow! I had no idea you had such a wonderfully sentimental ring collection! You guys are the most romantic couple ever!

  3. enjoying your blog and getting to know you better. did you read my blog about the ring your brother make for me? see

  4. DAD! It is so enlightening to be able to hear your opinion and your sides of the stories you and mom have. "Rather Aztecian Dodads!"

    So great.

  5. Hey great dodad! Love the pix and descriptions!

  6. Since you don't usually wear A ring...have you ever considered wearing all of them at the same time? You could really dazzle the congregation while conducting. mmmm?