Friday, April 9, 2010


This morning we went to The New York Deli for breakfast. They made a very fine breakfast and Susan and I enjoy eating there. It seems like Susan always chooses the best meals, no matter which meal, which restaurant. So lately I have been ordering what she orders. Today it was the standard, favorite breakfast...eggs over easy with bacon and home fries and toast. I, of course, added a side of sausage gravy. The the plates arrived Susan mentioned that I should have ordered eggs over medium, not over easy, since I don't like runny eggs. Then she told me if I slid the eggs over the home fries the runnyness would seep to the potatoes and all would be good.

I told her why I have never cared for runny eggs and thus begins my Blogging experience.

When I was about 6 years old, there was a couple who lived in our apartments, Mr. and Mrs. Plowman. They lived in apartment #5. This couple REALLY liked me, probably because I was such a cute little munchkin. But the Plowmans were really old, old people. Mrs. Plowman walked with a cane, I remember.

One day she invited me in for breakfast and served me runny eggs. I had never seen runny eggs before let alone ate any. Suddenly my throat constricted and I said, "I can't eat these."

"Sure you can," Mrs. Plowman said. "Just try them."

"I don't like them," I again stated. And I never did eat them. But from that time on I have never cared much for runny eggs.

The Plowmans moved on after a time, on to Seattle as I recall. My parents kept in touch with them for awhile. But I so remember that morning and those runny eggs.


  1. Just had to be the FIRST to comment on your new blog! Exciting!

  2. See, my dislike for eggs as a child was genetic! And of course, when I said eggs made me throw up, my brownie leaders MISUNDERSTOOD THAT to mean I was allergic...all that trouble I was in...all for a misunderstanding and a genetic issue! Thanks for sharing, Dad.

  3. You were a cute little munchkin! Now you are a wise cute munchkin sharing your wild adventures. Fun fun!

  4. well funny but now you are the older couple without the cane! lol not a cute little munchin! I don't like runny eggs either. Glad you are blogging.

  5. I remember the old couple who lived below us when I was 5, the Plimton's. They were not like your lovely, old neighbors. The Plimton's were evil. They burned my swing set that my dad made for me and I went to the bathroom in my pants because Mrs. Plimton locked me out of the house and I saw her looking at me through the window. I'm pretty sure she was laughing. She also had a son named Harmon...Harmon Plimton who rode around town on a motorcycle with a side car. His white dog would ride in the side car.